Rink Shield

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NHL approved, spectator protection engineered for hockey!  Acrylite Rink Shield holds up to puck and player impacts, provides greater flexibility than tempered glass, clearer viewing for fans and easier, quicker changeover operations for facilities.  This three-fold reduction in reaction forces over tempered glass significantly reduces the effect of impact on players and decreases injury. This is just one reason why arenas are making the switch from seamless glass to acrylic shielding systems. Custom cut sizes available

Standard Sizes:

  • .545″ thick (runs at .545″ +/- .045″ thickness tolerance)
    • 50″ (SKU 323-0041)
    • 62″ (SKU 323-0042)
    • 74″ (SKU 323-0043)
    • 80″ (SKU 323-0044)
  • .590″ thick (runs at .590″ +/- .045″ thickness tolerance)
    • 50″ (SKU 323-0051)
    • 62″ (SKU 323-0052)
    • 74″ (SKU 323-0053)

Acrylite Rink Shield Product Brochure

Acrylite Rink Shield Sell Sheet

Acrylite Rink Shield Tech Brief


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