Dominion ComforTEC Hockey Skates

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$70.00 - 80.00


Hockey rental skates have never looked so good. Great design, superior comfort, and unmatched quality!

  • Mesh nylon upper with PVC trim
  • Comfortable mesh lining
  • Durable hybrid cotton foam padding with a thick padded tongue
  • Multiple layer reinforced wrap construction
  • Heavy duty eyelets and hooks
  • Cut-resistant toe cap for optimum performance
  • Synthetic insole absorbs moisture
  • One piece PVC outside and heel for durability and low maintenance
  • Molded blade holder with stainless steel runner, attached using copper rivets at the heel
  • Size identification on back (US sizing)

SIZING: Men’s Sizing/Full Size Only

  • Adult,  6-15
  • Youth, 1-5
  • Juniors, 8-13





Adult Size 10, Adult Size 11, Adult Size 12, Adult Size 13, Adult Size 14, Adult Size 15, Adult Size 6, Adult Size 7, Adult Size 8, Adult Size 9, Junior Size 10, Junior Size 11, Junior Size 12, Junior Size 13, Junior Size 8, Junior Size 9, Youth Size 1, Youth Size 2, Youth Size 3, Youth Size 4, Youth Size 5


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