Rental Skates

Tips on rental skates and accessories. Invest in your community!

Purchasing a large number of rental skates for your rink is a big decision but it is a great way to increase or add to your yearly revenue. Not only will your returning skaters love the fact that you’ve got them covered, but it will also attract beginners who want to give skating a try. It’s a great investment and one that your community will love.

Sample before you purchase

Quality skates provide your skaters stability and safety on the ice. There are many aspects to look at when investing in rental skates. This is why we would suggest sampling a few before closing the deal. A few things to keep in mind are comfort, durability, materials, and warranty options. Don’t forget, you want to be sure that you cover all your skaters with hockey and figure skating options. Not one size or one kind of skate fits all.

Skate storage

Placing your rental skates in a quality permanent or portable storage unit reduces blade rust, lengthens their durability, reduces moisture/odors, and will increase long term use. Storage units should be constructed with a powder coated steel framework and shelving should be made from recycled lumber or high definition plastic that allows for air flow and easy maintenance.

Enough skates with simple lace-ups

There will likely be quite a few children on the ice but adults will be skating as well. Be sure to know your patrons and have an extensive collection of sizes and easy to use lacing and hook systems. Be sure to stock extra laces in your inventory as well so you always have all skates accessible for use.

Skate trainers

Helping your new skaters maintain the correct center of gravity will increase their confidence and bring them back to your rink over and over. It’s important to have skate trainers that will fit everyone, from children to adult and of any level or need. Stackable trainers are ideal as they reduce the need for more space in your facility.

Skate sharpening

The blade is the key to a positive skating experience.  Investing in a quality skate sharpener that fits the needs of your facility is important to maintaining and caring for your skates. All rental skates change hands frequently; it’s recommended that you sharpen your rental skates after 12-15 hours of use. Keeping up with your sharpening will ensure your skates are in good condition and it helps you keep an eye on the blades for nicks, cracks or scratches. Know the number of skaters you see in a month, this will help you make the best decision for your facility. 

We are here

Rink Systems is here to fit you with the best rental skates and all accessories needed for your rink. Let’s get your community on the ice.