steel dasher board

Legends Family Sports – Co. Springs – CO

Edgewood Tahoe Resort – Lake Tahoe, NV

Nestled in the Alpines, there’s a new winter experience for guests and the local community at the Edgewood Tahoe Resort. This 4,600 sq ft seasonal rink features RSI’s signature...

The Mill – Tempe, AZ

Carowinds – Charlotte, NC

Designed with portability in mind, this project includes our signature Icelock dasherboard system. This seasonal, outdoor rink features a 45′ x 120′ sheet of ice with a galvanized steel...

Lakeville Hasse Arena – Lakeville, MN

All Seasons Arena – Mankato, MN

An automatic vertical lift gate with a wireless remote was designed with our Legacy Elite steel dasherboard system. This 85′ x 200′ rink also inludes 5 ft of tempered...

Camp Canadensis – Pocono Mountains

Ohio State – Columbus, OH

Camp Laurel – Mount Vernon, MA

Retractable soccer goals are featured in these 75″ x 110″ twin inline rinks. Our Extreme Pro dasherboard system is hot dipped and galvanized with a steel framework. It features...