Family-Owned, American Made

It all began with a man’s drive and passion to build and manufacture. In 1959, from a one-room shop at his home, Richard Overgaard built Vasco Inc. into a high-tech tool design and repair manufacturing plant in Albert Lea, MN.  Later when Holmsten Ice Rinks was filing bankruptcy in 1993, Richard saw an opportunity and a need for continuing services to the ice rink industry. Being one of Holmsten’s major suppliers, he decided to acquire all the assets and trademarks. After the acquisition, his team enlisted former Holmsten employees and a new company was formed — Rink Systems Inc. 

Richard Holmsten was a nationally recognized expert in rink construction who began designing and installing ice rink refrigeration in 1963. He pioneered the development of direct liquid refrigeration for rinks and the concept of a “packaged rink,” whereby his firm assumed total responsibility of the ice rink portion of any project. Rink Systems, Inc. combined the manufacturing capabilities of the Vasco organization with the seasoned Holmsten team. Together with their industry knowledge, modern machine shop, and the latest technology, they built a superior reputation for quality and service throughout the rink industry.

Fast forward 26 years, Rink Systems, Inc. legacy hasn’t changed. “We’re proud that RSI has kept our father’s passion of manufacturing at the forefront plus adding other industries to our customer base. Our commitment has been rooted in our father’s drive and his business excellence.” -Stacey Overgaard, President

As the leading family-owned, American made manufacturer of dasher board systems and arena accessories, RSI brings together unmatched craftsmanship and industry-leading design and innovation. Our experience breeds success for all projects that we are involved in. We’re proud to still be rooted in Albert Lea, MN. We’re growing, we’re stronger than ever and our passion for this industry remains steadfast.